Charles B. Carter 
$310.00 per hour* 
For Arbitration rates please call (352) 371-2630.

Chester B. Chance (retired)
$275.00 per hour

​Deborah C. Drylie
$300.00 per hour

Frederick Smith
$300.00 per hour

Toby S. Monaco
$325.00 per hour

Victor L. Hulslander

Bruce W. Robinson
$275.00 per hour

Pamela A. Schneider
$285.00 per hour

 *Rate based upon two parties. Please contact The Resolution Center for rate schedule of mediations involving 3 or more parties.

4719 NW 53rd Avenue
Gainesville, Florida 32653
Telephone:  (352) 371-2630
Facsimile:  (352) 381-8298
The Resolution Center
A Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution