Whether arbitration is required by a contractual provision or is voluntary pursuant to Section 44.104, Fla. Statutes, The Resolution Center provides access to certified arbitrators in a professional setting for arbitration hearings.

Section 44.103, Fla. Statutes provides for non-binding arbitration.  The non-binding arbitration procedure allows for either a single arbitrator or a panel of arbitrators.  The non-binding arbitration is conducted informally.  Presentation of testimony and evidence is kept at a minimum and matters are presented to the arbitrators primarily through the statements and argruments of counsel.

Arbitrators are in effect private extraordinary judges selected by the parties themselves. Arbitrators have been described as “jurors selected by the parties” whose decision or award is substituted for the judgment of the courts.

Arbitration, in many ways, provides a degree of freedom from the formality of ordinary judicial proceedings. The arbitrator, acting as a private judge, weighs the evidence and the law and then renders a decision. The decision is enforceable by law. The outcome is usually binding, but, can be non-binding.

The object of arbitration is to expedite and facilitate the resolution of disputes by avoiding formalities, delays and the expense of ordinary litigation.

The courts themselves have described arbitration as an important aspect of modern, commercial society which fulfills a significant need in settling disputes without having to resort to the courts.

Please see the list of certified arbitrators in the personnel section of this website.
The Resolution Center provides both independent personnel and a facility for arbitration services including voluntary binding arbitration pursuant to Section 44.104, Fla. Statutes and non-binding arbitration pursuant to Section 44.103, Fla. Statutes.
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