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About Us

The Resolution Center provides a neutral setting to enhance mediation. Large and spacious conference rooms and breakout rooms are available to provide a comfortable mediation setting. Food and beverages are available to enhance the mediation atmosphere.

Since the emergence of COVID-19, our mediators are available to conduct conferences by video as well.


Full-time resident and affiliated mediators are available.


The mediator’s role is to reduce obstacles to communication, assist in identifying issues, explore alternatives to resolution, and facilitate voluntary agreements to resolve disputes.


A successful mediation involves preparation and planning by the participants, an information exchange session, sessions involving both persuasion and justification by the participants, a period of analysis, reformation and voluntary concession followed by a successful resolution.


Available mediators specialize in a wide variety of issues including personal injury, family law, elder law, insurance claims, etc.


Please see the biographies section of this web site for a list of both resident and affiliated mediators.

Note: All individuals listed for mediation/arbitration/consultant/private trial/attorney fee services are independent contractors. The individuals listed below may be contacted directly or through The Resolution Center with respect to scheduling, questions, etc. The individuals listed are not agents, employees or representatives of The Resolution Center. 

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Mediating Disputes in the Following Areas:

Insurance Disputes

Real Property Matters

Estate Litigation

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

Family Law Matters

Civil Rights

The Resolution Center is conveniently located behind the Hunters Crossing Publix Shopping Center at the intersection of NW 43rd Street and NW 53rd Avenue.  


Please do not hesitate to contact our office as our staff is always happy to provide driving directions.


Feel free to call and speak with Kayla or Missy at 352-381-9991 or email at

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