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Litigation Consulting

The staff at The Resolution Center has asked lawyers what they need, and, we found answers. Litigation consultation is both a necessary and creative service offered by The Resolution Center.


The Resolution Center has access to lawyers and retired judges who understand complex civil and criminal law issues and have litigated, as circuit judges, appellate judges, and attorneys, the very issues you may now be confronting.

The Resolution Center provides access to experienced attorneys and retired judges to assist attorneys in evaluating cases, analyzing issues, and a forum for mock motion hearings and mock appellate oral arguments.


Litigation and appellate consulting services include a forum for discussing legal issues with a panel of retired judges and attorneys who are available to assist with an analysis of a variety of civil and criminal law issues including matters relating to summary judgments, discovery motions, appellate briefs, and other legal issues.


Do you need to consult with an attorney experienced in medical malpractice matters? Do you need to discuss the best way to present a motion for summary judgment? Would you benefit from a “mock” hearing before a retired circuit judge? Could you benefit from having your appellate brief or oral argument critiqued by a retired appellate judge?


Consider the benefits of having a retired judge or an experienced attorney listen to your prepared argument and then conduct a critique and analysis. Most lawyers recognize the benefits of a “mock” jury trial and now recognize the benefits of a “mock” hearing or "mock" appellate oral argument on dispositive issues.


All attorneys recognize the benefit of consulting with experienced litigators on both general and specific issues relevant to a variety of cases including criminal law, medical malpractice, personal injury, commercial litigation, construction, family law litigation, and appellate matters.


Review the biographies section in this web site and select an independent consultant available through The Resolution Center for consultation on both pre-litigation and post-litigation issues and strategies.

Mediating Disputes in the Following Areas:

Insurance Disputes

Real Property Matters

Estate Litigation

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

Family Law Matters

Civil Rights

Contact Us:

The Resolution Center is conveniently located behind the Hunters Crossing Publix Shopping Center at the intersection of NW 43rd Street and NW 53rd Avenue.  


Please do not hesitate to contact our office as our staff is always happy to provide driving directions.


Feel free to call and speak with Kayla or Missy at 352-381-9991 or email at

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