The Resolution Center provides personnel and facilities for various types of dispute resolution including mediation, arbitration, and private trial resolution pursuant to Section 44.104, Fla. Statutes.

 In addition, The Resolution Center provides litigation consultation services and facilitated negotiation/ negotiation consulting services (further described in this website).


The Resolution Center provides three large conference rooms, one small conference room and multiple breakout rooms for multi-party mediations, arbitrations, voluntary trial resolution, etc. Food and beverages are available in a setting which is both comfortable and professional.

Resident Staff:      

Independent Consultants:   

The Resolution Center has access to a number of independent attorneys, mediators and retired judges to provide a host of services including mediation, arbitration, private trial resolution, litigation consultation, and facilitated negotiation. Please see the relevant biographies of the available personnel contained within this website or see the "Personnel" section of this website.

The Resolution Center has access to attorneys and judges who understand complex legal issues and who have been associated with thousands of cases in their professional careers.

Staff and consultants have expertise in personal injury litigation, family law matters, guardianship and elder care issues, medical malpractice, products liability, zoning, public policy issues, and appellate matters.

Please see the relevant biographies of the available personnel contained within this website.

The resident and independent consultants are independent contractors who have provided The Resolution Center with contact information to expedite the referral process in order to meet the client's need for prompt service in a profressional atmosphere.

The Resolution Center recognizes there is a need for a neutral, professional facility for mediators, attorneys, arbitrators and litigants. To address this need, the offices and facilities of The Resolution Center are available to any attorney, mediator or group for half day or full day sessions.

Note: Individual Arbitrators/Mediators/Consultants are all independant contractors and are neither representatives, agents or employees of The Resolution Center, unless otherwise noted.

4719 NW 53rd Avenue
Gainesville, Florida 32653
Telephone:  (352) 371-2630
Facsimile:  (352) 381-8298
The Resolution Center
A Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution